Choose the Smartest Solutions for the SEO Deals

Choose the Smartest Solutions for the SEO Deals

Like the meta title tag, meta description is an HTML element and is nested under the head section tiktok ads Malaysia. Describing the content of the page on which it is located. Meta descriptions are not a ranking factor in SEO, but their content is displayed in the search engine and has an impact on the click-through rate (CTR).

What influences the effectiveness of meta description

A concise presentation of the offer with the benefits of using it.

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Friendly url addresses

The url now shows up in the SERP above the meta title ads tiktok, so it’s now even more visible than before. When creating url addresses, make sure that they are as short as possible and contain the keyword to which you position your website. This is a better solution compared to url addresses with a long string of random numbers and characters. As you know what is seo you can have the perfect solutions right there.

Graphics optimization

Graphics on a website often have a huge impact on the page loading speed and positioning. It is worth remembering about a few elements, i.e.:


Correct format – if you do not need to keep the high resolution image, use jpg or svg, for thumbnails and background images choose png.

Show visitors that loading graphics is in progress or apply a lady load, i.e. delay loading graphics until the user scrolls the website to the place where the graphics appear.

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Friendly name of the artwork

Alternative tests – although search engine bots are able to determine what is in the photo thanks to artificial intelligence, they also index alts, which provide the additional benefit of better image context for search engines. The alternative description (alt) is also intended for blind people who use special readers. Make sure alts are natural for people – avoid keyword stuffing.

Rich Snippets

These are structural data elements that allow the appearance of the website to be distinguished among organic results in the Google search engine by providing users with additional information, i.e. the number of opinions and average ratings, photo, video, knowledge graphs, site links, place and date of the event, publication date, author and others .

Rich snippets extensions

They show users even more precisely what they will find on a given page, displaying them increases the click-through rate. Deploying rich snippets as part of SEO does not guarantee that extensions will always appear in the browser.

Internal linking

Well-made internal links make it easier for robots to index, which is important for SEO and page positioning. The internal link structure allows the robots to reach all subpages within the website and keep potential customers on the website for longer. On the internal linking is composed of: a well-designed menu service schema for robots, site map (for large sites, it is better to divide it into several parts), pagination, section similar products, most recently on the blog, some customers also bought and links in content between the blog, categories, products and home page.